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Re: Pain in my hand

Hi, I'm Jenny and a regular here. I have body wide tendinitis as well as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

What you are describing on the back of the hand is tendinitis of the hand(what Sassy described is tendinitis of the thumb). There is a place on the back of the hand where all the finger tendons come together, just below the wrist and that is where it hurts the most. But that stiffness is the tendons not wanting to stretch and the pain is the tendons stretching and getting more inflamed.

If you can, don't use your hand and use lots of heat on the back of your hand, that might relieve it. But a shot of cortisone in the area where the tendons all come together will relieve it quite nicely. See your doc and see if he/she will do it for you. Otherwise, you can see an arthritis specialist(rheumatologist) or a hand orthopedic surgeon and either will do it.

Had it done several times in both hands and it works well.