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Been Having alot of pain, I keep coming back to costo but dr doesn't mention it

Basically since jan. I have had mild to severe mid chest pain, right at tip of breast bone, radiates to either right or left side at lowest rib. When touched its very tender, can rotate into my sides and back.

I had gallbladder removed, full heart work up, stress tests, pancreas, liver, kidneys are fine. Abdominal ct was normal. I'm going to have ercp to check sphincter of oddi disorder, but I can't help but think its more a costo pain. Motrin, aleve doesn't work if I'm having an episode which I rate up to a 8 at worst. It can hurt to move, breathe deep, cough, sneeze but not always. I've been to er about 5-6 times since jan bc pain is unbearable and I usually will get violently sick and vomit. I think its bc the pain is bad, of course heaving makes it worse. At the er usually 2-4 doses of dilladid will take it away. I do have vicodin st home and that with hear will take edge off but not always.

I'm so scared that its something bad, although I've been tested for everything.
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