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Re: What does it feel like to be old?

Originally Posted by nannywiz2008 View Post
... But alot of things are just wanting to live you life over. I would give anything to have the time again with my 3 children. They are grown, have kids themselves and when we get to talking about things that happen, I wish I could live that part over and do it different
Welcome to "regrets city" otherwise known as "wish I could do it over again city".

My wife and I do two indoor 30 minute power walks each day. During these walks we often talk about the past. We often regress about how we would like to have more time with our deceased parents, or our deceased close friends, or even our dear departed pets. If it were only to say I love you, and how much we cared about you, and to thank them, one more time.

We could have called more often. We could have visited more often. It just seems that, when we are younger, and didn't have this much more time on our hands, and when we thought that our parents would always be there...... Oh well.

then we talk about happy times and start laughing and it brings back "good memories".
We cherish our memories. We've been married for 45 years and have mostly great memories. We've got our memories in our electronic picture frames, so, as we power walk, we can also look back into the past and revisit all those wonderful times and wonderful people.

I was going to buy a widowed friend of ours an electronic picture frame but my wife talked me out of it because, sadly, her widowed friend has too many bad memories.

So..... as the years roll by, faster than we would like, and our bodies continue to wear out, at least we still have our memories, even if they do come with some "wish we could go back and do that again's."
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