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Re: Multiple Systems Atrophy

My cousin was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease after about 6 months of rapidly worsening symptoms. She had left work about 2 months earlier because she had trouble walking & sitting long hours at the computer.

Unfortunately she has deteriorated a lot since my first post & is now in full time care. She is now in bed all the time & has trouble breathing & maintaining a stable blood pressure. Her speech is very difficult to understand too these days & she has to be fed- & then has difficulty swallowing.

We have been told that life expectancy after the first symptoms is about 7 years at the most, but she has had it for less than 3 years & it seems to be worsening at a very fast pace in her case. Her breathing is the biggest problem.

Does your mother have Parkinson's symptoms? Has she been examined by a Neurologist? Is she in care? I really hope that she doesn't have MSA & that you get some answers soon!