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I'm just 21 years old and i'm having this problem of vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse.. me n my boyfriend had a sexual relationship for 2 long years and it was all good. but then he went to some other country and it took him 1 and a half year to come back and during these year i had no sexual intercourse.

And now that he is back.. we tried to have an intercourse but my vagina hurts so much when he tries to enter me. there is very less lubrication in my vagina due to which the penis can;t enter also it hurts me like hell..

i searched on Google and everywhere this dryness usually occurs after menopause or prior to that.. but i'm just 21 it cant be menopause.. is it yeast infection ? if yes then i how can i cure it at home ?

please help me... how should i treat it ??
please help..
i need URGENT help..

My boyfriend is here just for 1 n a half month... and i don't wanna disappoint him like this.. he is afraid for me and refuses to enter me even if i force him to do so.. he's afraid that it'd hurt me ( my vagina ) and it does hurt my vagina but i don't want him to be dissatisfied .. what should i do ?


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