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What was your fasting blood glucose this am??

Hey gang,
At a couple of the other forums I've frequented there was a thread like this one where we all sorta checked in each day, with our first cup of coffee to tea, and reported out fasting or waking blood glucose level and some short comment about whether we're ok with it or if not - why not?...

It worked well as a sort of 'first thread to check' each morning and post to.

Let's see if it can work here at HB too..

I'll start.

This morning was a 121 for me. I'm usually between 90-100 most days but if I 'splurge' on my evening snack it certainly affected my am number as it did this am. Sometimes a few pecans with peanut butter on them is just fine -- this time it didn't work..

Keep the thread goin' gang!
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