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dizzy and lightheaded, 1 thing my docs missed

If your doctor cannot find the cause of your symptoms, please do not rule this out as it has helped many people, and it's a common source of problems but many doctors just do not think to check for this, and the treatment is very easy.
It's deep muscles in the neck and upper back, when tense, put pressure on the blood vessels going to the head, and affect the oxygen supply, causing numerous symptoms that can be very scarey and debilitating.
Please note, you do not have to have neck pain, or an injury to have this problem.
I have had this therapy a few times, and it works wonders.
The symptoms I had were off balance feeling, head pressure, headaches, dizzy spells, concentration problems, terrible memory problems, I felt like I was losing it.
My physical therapist explained to me why I was having these symptoms and what was causing them.
The treatment is called counter strain, and not painfull at all and works very quickly.
It releases the tension in the muscles, which then takes the pressure off the blood vessels, taking care of all the symptoms.
Many many doctors do not think to check this as a source of symptoms, and many people go on to suffer needlessly.
It is simple for doctors to check, they just do not think to.
Neurologists and orthos recognize this as a source of problems sometimes, not always, some of them miss it too.
Any tension in your upper back and neck muscles can cause headaches, dizziness, off balance feeling, memory problems, concentration problems, symptoms going down one arm etc.
So if you have no answers, please don't assume this is not the source, as it very often is when nothing else can be found.

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