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Re: ATT: Fentanyl/Dilaudid/Oxy users... please help w/?'s!

They always write a certain instruction on your BT med bottle, because they can't just leave it blank or put take when needed. Just because it's written that way doesn't mean your supposed to take it all day everyday. If you're having to do that to keep your pain under control, then it sounds like your LA med might need to be increased in strength.

All of our bottles have similiar instructions, my percocet says take 2 every 4 to 6 hours. But that doesn't mean my dr. wants me to take that many everyday, she'd prefer that I took as little as possible and let the LA med do the work, as that's how this system of LA and BT meds is designed.

It sounds like you might need to talk to your doc to clear up this confusion, I would almost bet the farm that he doesn't want you taking it all day everyday, as opposed to just taking it when you have a very bad pain flair.