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Re: New here; but an SI veteran

Originally Posted by 40SI View Post
It did. Thanks. I will sign up for the 9000 year waiting list for publically funded DBT then... LOL. Hey, how do you define SI "abstinance" - or do you? Is a harm reduction approach more effective in your opinion - or an all-or-nothing type of zero-tolerance type thing? I tried a sign-a-contract cold-turkey plan a while back - and I failed miserably. But paid the "contract" therapist a lot of money!!!

What's the popular opinion of the SAFE program - Self Abuse Finally Ends? Any thoughts?
I am a SI Lifer, so to speak, started at 10 and at 42 still haven't kicked it for good. I'm not familiar with your abstinence theory either, nor the SAFE program. As for signing contracts with pdocs, most that i've used don't even bother as they know its pretty much a waste of ink and paper. I got my SI under control through CBT, DBT, a year of ECT, and now I use Lithium to keep it in check. I'm not perfect, I slip every once in a while, but have pretty much been SI stable since 12.15.09. And by "pretty much stable" I mean I've went from cutting upwards of 20 times a day, every day to a total of 17 times since '09. The Lithium which I've taken on and off for years for BiPolar is not used off label for self harm. It's quite effective at keeping the urges at bay and helping not to act on the urges when you do have them.