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Re: How are my future prospects?

Considering how awesome you described yourself, I'd say you have quite a bright future. When girls stroke your legs, you should stroke their legs too. Sooner or later, you are going to do that.

A word to the wise though:

1. good opportunities dry up through your 20s and suddenly you feel old, even though you haven't done much.

2. girls will actually get less interested in you over time and those opportunities to meet them will arrive less and less frequently, and because you won't even have a huge libido by then, you sort of won't care that your opportunities are drifting away.

3. there is subtle language that people use to avoid annoying other people all the time, unintentionally. It will help you to pick up this language over the years, if you keep in mind how easily people get ****** off by each other's annoying words and actions. When you realize that people have a short fuse, then you can pick better ways of putting things.

Anyway, good luck with your awesome life as a genius and polygamist.