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Re: Platelet something happening to me?

Originally Posted by Stormbringer View Post
I'm wondering if the number of my platelets is normal...can they be different each time I take a blood test, or are they decreasing in number?
I'm a little worried because of this...

September 20th: 248,000
September 27th: 218,000
October 6th: 203,000

Another question...
A 3rd generation ELISA test at 62 days, how reliable is it?
Thanks in advance.
I think it is normal. Not sure why you have your platlettes done that of ten especially since your numbers are so good!?!? Everytime I have mine taken which is once a year it goes up or down. At 50 I was 156000 and at age 58 I was 135000 which is on the low side. I read a lot on it and unless it gets below 100000 no treatment is necessary. Between 130000 and 400000 is pretty normal. Next time you take it, it make increase or decrease a little. What does your doctor think and again why did you get it taken 2 additional times?

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