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re: Senior husband decided to not have sex but...

Originally Posted by lexi4 View Post
I guess many seniors choose to not have sex, but why do that if you just replace it with masturbation? Makes me feel cheated,and really - cheated on.
Anyone in this position, and if so, how does a woman handle the rejection? It's not just the 'act' but the intimacy, affection, etc that goes along with it. How do you keep from letting it rob you of your identity, after so many years of being a "wife", now just a room mate.
I have just started a thread about my own problem which is similar
I obviously can't answer your question " how to handle rejection " as I am in the same boat so to speak ... so sorry .
I know my situ is not going to improve but I do hope your does
I am just really saying there are others in the same boat so to speak if that helps . best wishes .