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Re: Unemployed- any help for people w/autoimmune disorders?

The problem with Social Security Disability is that not only do you have to disabled for 6 months before you get anything, you have to prove you will not be able to do any kind of work for at lest the next 2 years...minimum. and as you well know, the course of an auto-immune disorder is very up and down with spontaneous remissions. I have both RA and Sjogrens. I know.

I guess you are expected to go the unemployment route and if you use up most of your funds, try to get state SSI(Supplemental Security Income). The best way to know if you'll be accepted for SSDI is to ask your doctor. They have to do the paperwork and if they are not on board with you applying, then forget it. In case you do apply for SSDI, the average time to be approved is 3 years.

My doc wanted me to apply for the Ra and Sjogrens but I just kept working as best I could, usually going to fewer and fewer hours as I got worse. When I saw what others were going through to be approved, it seemed impossible. Then I broke my neck and applied as fast as I could....approval! Not the preferred way to get SSDI!

Talk to your doc. If they are on board and you have the financial resources to not work for the next 2-3 years, then apply. And if you are rejected with the first application, know that 70% are rejected and find a lawyer to help you. It is worth it. You won't get Medicare for 2 more years so make sure you have the medical insurance in place, first.

good luck............Jenny