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Re: Question for long term lyme suffers


I think among LLMDs there are good and probably not so good ones. I would seriously question some of the things this doc has told you, not to mention not letting you see the test results! You paid for them. They belong to you. This sounds very strange to me.

What you describe that you are experiencing is not at all uncommon with Lyme, including vertigo! Lyme affects all systems and abx therapy also takes its toll, especially on the colon, digestive system. Going gluten free is not a bad idea to help support GI health during this time.

You also mentioned inner tremor, also not uncommon with chronic lyme. Instead of testing and testing you could just treat symptoms as they arise; however, I know that may not be possible with your present doc. If you want to follow his directives then I guess you're going to have to have the test he recommends.

If interested, you could also look into the book I mentioned in a previous post. The author cured himself of Lyme and has excellent info. on how to supplement for various ailments as they arise.