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Re: Can i take Berocca and Vitamin C together?

RE: Zinc. You can take up to 30 mg daily but some say you really only need 15 mg. Just be careful you don't exceed the 30 mg. as too much zinc can cause nausea, headaches, fatigue, irritability as well as irritate the stomach.

I wouldn't worry about the Vit. C. It is water soluble, and as the previous poster mentioned, any excess will be excreted in your urine. I take large amounts of C daily to deal with a specific illness and even larger amounts if I'm coming down with a cold or flu as the body can often handle more C when fighting an infection or dealing with some type of stress to it.

One suggestion regarding your surgery. You might look into taking Arnica (a Homeopathic remedy) afterward ( you could take it before as well). It will help with bruising, bleeding and other trauma to the tissues and promotes wound healing.

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