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Re: pttd pre op tomorrow

[QUOTE=severity777;4947327]He says debridement and suture repair of tendon. Sounds like it will not be enough. Afraid tendon will fail again. My ankle is deformed.[/QUOTE]

I just found out that surgery is scheduled for 4/11. My 9 yr old has the next wk off for vaca so that is good. He can be very helpful but dont want to put too much responsibility on him. I couldnt stand not knowing if it was torn, couldnt stand not knowing when the surgery will take place. Now that those questions are answered, i have only more. How long will i be in the hospital? Is he doing enough to cure me? Realistically, when will i return to work? When will i drive? It is my right foot. Will i walk 5 miles ever again? Run, dance, hike, tennis, bike? I was very active and this injury does make everything come to a halt. My son misses our jogs through the neighborhood. I miss it. We used to take karate in a family class, all of us, and that was probably my undoing but will i ever feel strong again? My dr prescribed zoloft and if anybody knew how positive and well adjusted i am normally, they would find this ridiculous. ( my husband does ) but i am suffering from deprssion now as the world seems to be passing me by and my children grow bored of me sitting on the couch. I have such anxiety about the surgery, getting worse before i get better, if ill get better. The burden ill be to everyone. What will happen with work? I am self employed. What if im out for months? Will this destroy my career?