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Re: dull pain in right side. . .liver pain or something else.

It is unwise to mix alcohol and iron supplements, and most experts agree, it is simply unwise to take iron supplements in general unless you've had a blood test that shows you are in fact both anemic and low on iron. Anemia can result from other factors besides low iron, like B-12 or folate deficiency.

If you are low on iron, it is always better to get more iron by eating more beef or other meats than through supplementation.

When researchers want to damage a lab animals livers without chemicals so they can study liver disease, they feed them iron, alcohol, and polyunsaturated vegetable oils, and these animals end up with liver damage in a very short period of time when the diet is high on all three of these.

Polyunsaturated vegetable oils are what restaurants deep fry all their fries, taco shells, chicken and fish in. It is also found in margarine and salad dressing. Polyunsaturated vegetable oils go strait to the liver where alcohol is metabolized, and a metabolite of alcohol called "acetaldehyde" oxidizes this fat turning it rancid through a process called "lipid peroxidation", and this puts a lot of stress on the liver.

If you avoid anything that is cooked in a deep fryer, as well as margarine (use butter instead), and excess salad oils and do without the iron supplements; your liver can deal with moderate amounts of alcohol without too much stress. If you can't live without deep fried foods and iron supplements, you really need to limit your alcohol intake.

Try one of these options and see if you don't feel better in about a month's time.