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Re: Finasteride and my G9

There is a comfort to many men to having the whole prostate out to biopsy. If that gives you more peace of mind, that decision makes a lot of sense to me. I think that treating any disease is more about the whole person than just the disease.There are tests for circulating tumor cells (CTCs) but they aren't likely to detect any when your PSA is as low as yours.

The use of CK for high grade PC is not common. The first I'd heard of it was from Dr. Alan Katz in Flushing, NYC, who was one of the first CK practitioners. He told me the process is basically the same, except he treats a much wider margin outside the prostate. Because prostate cancer cells are better killed by more intense radiation treatments (biologically, this is called a low alpha/beta ratio; and the intense process is known as hypofractionation), and because rectal and other healthy tissues are more likely to survive that kind of treatment (they have a high alpha/beta ratio), CK is especially effective at killing off prostate cancer while preserving the bladder and rectum. HDR brachytherapy works similarly. I was very impressed by the five year results. Speaking to Dr. Katz, he believes that the results will be long-lasting because the PSA was driven so low by the treatment, the wide margin of treatment and the very efficient cancer cell killing.

CK was first used in 2003 and robotic prostatectomy was first used in 2000, so unfortunately, we don't really know how well either will work in 20 years. Of course, if there have been micrometastases already, none of these treatments will be curative. I wish we knew more.

- Allen