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Re: Am I Doing the Right Thing?

You say your a Christian, two of Christ's main teachings were Love & Forgiveness. Did you ever stop to think that maybe your sister isn't capable of doing things the way you expect her to and you should just love her the way she is?

I come from a very large dysfunctional family of people who don't know how to communicate, or treat each other fairly or compassionately. I'm the youngest of 6 and my mother was horrific most of the time....but she was still my mother and in that role, she still deserved some respect. It didn't mean I had to buy in to her insanity. But you can do such in a caring compassionate way.

Your a Christian, but instead of following Christ's teachings of love, forgiveness, compassion,'ve gone completely scientific and are trying to fit these relationships into a very neat 4 sided box with perfectly thought out expectations, no surprises, no emotional do you do that? Have you prayed about this situation or met with your minister for some counseling? You can impose boundaries on yourself and how you choose to handle things and deal with people, but you can't expect other people to do things the way you want them to just because you think they're wrong and need to be fixed....if you keep thinking that way you'll end up losing your family and yeah they may have some quirks, but there still your family. God doesn't let us choose our family, but he does expect us to love, respect and care for the family he gave us....