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Attempting to cure my Seborrheic Dermatitis by cutting out Gluten, Wheat and Dairy...

Hi guys, I joined this site to PM a few users who claim they got rid of their seb derm by cutting out certain foods. Unfortunately my PM's are disabled for some reason so i've decided to just try it out myself. I started about 24 hours ago and will periodically update until it's gone or I realise it's simply not working. My diet will consist of -


Fruits (including innocent smoothies)

Extra virgin olive oil cold pressed and unrefined


Sea salt

Organic salmon

Gluten, Wheat and Dairy free cooking sauce

And that is it. I've had seb derm for about a year now and it's completely ruining my life, most days I am unable to leave the house due to the exessive dry patches. I've tried creams, shampoos, you name it and nothing has worked. This is my last hope so wish me luck.

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