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Re: Unable to find things right in front of you an early sign?

Eagle, Nina is right that forgetfulness can be caused by stress and a list of other emotional and physical conditions. Also know that Alzheimer's is not just forgetting but the lost of multiple cognitive abilities. Misplacing the key or not seeing them laying on the counter the first time you look doesn't mean you have Alzheimer's. In Alzheimer's there are memory changes that disrupt daily life. You ability to solve problems is decreased. You have difficulties performing familiar task and get confused to place and time. You have difficulties with visual images and spacial relationships. New problems with written and spoken words may develop. You lost things and can not retrace your steps to find them. You begin to have poor judgement. There are changed in mood and personality while you with draw from work or social activities. If you rush to the store and come out not being able to remember exactly where the car is have no worries. If you rush in the store and come out not knowing you drove the car there then worry.

If you do have serious concerns about your memory then go to your doctor and express these concerns to him. Have a complete physical to check for other reasons for the cognitive issues and ask him to give you a memory test such as the MMSE (Mini Mental Status Exam). Let the doctor decide if there is any validity to your concerns. It is better to know than to guess...

Love, deb