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Re: Thoracic - focal bulges - uncertain clinical significance

Teri is right on!(as usual).

I also have herniated disks at T6,7 and 8 but not too many symptoms...only get bad pain now and then but I do numb areas on my back...but I can take a numb back....but not numb hands......that is what makes the clinical difference. If I had the same problems in my hands and arms, I might need surgery but since I don't care if my back feels numb, they leave it alone.

So they cross check the MRI results not only with your symptoms but might do an EMG/NCS to test the nerves and see if they are affected and how badly. Might do other tests too.

As Teri's just one piece of the puzzle they look at. I just had lumbar surgery and the MRI and EMG/NCS showed mild problems but my symptoms showed severe problems. Once they got into my back, it turned out my symptoms were correct and the MRI did not show the whole problem.

Just part of the puzzle!