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re: Virgin who needs help

Well believe it or not most sex toy websites/stores recommend using a warmed cucumber or zuchini to gauge the size and width you'd be comfortable with. These things aren't cheap after all and they aren't returnable. So once you find what size your comfortable with then you look for product. If your wanting to mimic the realness of intercourse, then purchase one that is "realistic modeled", they'll give you the closest feeling to the real thing. Vibes are great for external play and clitoral stimulation.

As for your lube question, you'll be fine once you get going, but for initial insertion you may still need lubrication. KY jelly or astroglide are recommended, they're the same thing actually and what Dr.'s use for all types of vaginal/anal/prostate exams, water soluble, non-staining. Remember a little goes a long way. You can also get generic brands at many grocery or super stores for $3 bucks or so.

Happy shopping and have fun!

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