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Re: Anal Sex

What your referring to, I believe is the lower part of the bowel being torn form anal sex or the wall of the rectum tearing, yes this does happen, and in women where the sex organs and gastrointestinal tract are so close together, there is a possibility that anal sex can cause damage to these organs, it is a possiblity that one can cause the wall of the lower bowel to tear emptying into the body cavity, which can cause sepsis, which could be fatal. It's technically referred to as a "Colonic Rupture leading to Peritonitis" which is possibly fatal

This is very, very rare. There are dangerous possibilities to everything. And as the other poster said, anal sex does not stop you from becoming pregnant. Sperms are tough lil buggers and can live a short while outside the body, if your boyfriend pulls out or semen flows out and gets in your vagina you can get pregnant.

The key to anal sex is just be gentle, use lubricant and just like any type of intercourse always use a condom!