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Re: Recent MRI's,disturbing symptoms possible chiari?

A grade 1 Chiari should have been picked up during your MRI for your ACDF. They don't just look at the neck from C3 down but do check the skull base and C1 and 2 as well. And your surgery was no where near the base of the skull so they couldn't have created a Chiari either by removing bone at the base of the skull.

When I looked up the symptoms of Chiari, sleepiness to the extreme that you have it is not a symptom either.

But if I were you, I'd see a doc ASAP. You might fall asleep while driving and could hit someone owe it to others to be checked out.

Something is not right but it doesn't seem to have anything to do with your neck....please be seen ASAP before you kill yourself or someone else. Your brain has a problem...not your neck.

Let me know what they find out, please....I'll be worrying about you until I know you are in good hands. I'd even head to an ER if you could...this is not good. No one should be falling asleep on the toilet for hours on end. Something is WRONG.

gentle hugs..........Jenny

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