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Re: Recent MRI's,disturbing symptoms possible chiari?

Jess....Chairi doesn't cause the extreme sleepiness that you describe. If it is Chiari, the type 1 adult form may not have any symptoms at all or are minor. Some of your problems may be form it but they are so nebulous, they could be from anything.

But I worry about you falling asleep at the wheel. My hubby once fell asleep at a red light but was woken up by another driver and his horn. But he was not moving. And he once fell asleep standing in the shower...but for seconds. He was working night shift and did overtime as well. So he had an excuse. If this is meds or lack of meds, it is still worrisome.

Most people, even if they are dead tired don't fall asleep on the toilet and stay there...they fall off. You stayed there and that worries me. It's almost like you are losing consciousness.

Please make that app't with the neurologist before something bad happens...please???????? Rotator cuffs can wait....had mine done and they me... they can wait. Brains cannot.