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Groin nodes....? Lymphoma

Hi I am new here.....scared to death.....
Had hodgkins 1989
Remission since then
Not feeling great last few months
End of April beginning of may severe sore throat feeling awful
Took long to go away but did
Found a 1.7 and 1.9 goin node on left and 1.0 node on right
Ultrasound said node is consistent with lymphoma testing
Doctor said to wait two weeks then we would do a biopsy
Why wait....the ultrasound showed the nodes appear cancerous
I saw the node.....bad.....basically black......
Is there a slight chance it's caused by something else??

A few small night sweats....but in mean pose.....I'm 50....been in menopause since 31
Itching.....well basically my face but blamed that on pollen
Fever highest 99 basically at 4 pm and 8 pm for a short time....dr said that's normal
Today some swelling in thigh.....??nodes pushing on something.....
Appt to see surgeon to get biopsy.....but it's my second time at cancer......I know it's that

Some thoughts?? Been crying day and night for a straight week.....trying yo be strong for my son

Thanks Cindy

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