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Re: Family is falling apart

I have just gone though what you are about to start, mom with dementia and dad with his own medical problems but still calling the shots. This is a hard one for sure. You have poa over mom and you can make those hard choices but it would be great to get dad to let go of the reins. Astart with telling dad how he needs a little bet of rest from the great job he is doing with mom to look after himself, tell it would only be temporary until he is fit enough to once again have mom at home. Tell him mom needs some time to get herselve organized and some things taken care off at the same time, make it look like it is his idea to have a little bit of respite to recuperate. Do not tell him that he can no longer look after mom as this will really start a war, this is about your parents and what they need, please talk to your sister and tell her that you are just so worried and it just came to a boil and if you need to be the one to say you are sorry do it, it will be important to have each other in the future to support each other. I am sorry to say but it will only get tougher. Oh welcome to our little place on the Internet where we can scream, yell, complain, and get that much needed support from others who are living and dealing with situations just like you. You are not alone.

Hugs judy
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