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Re: HRT considerations

Second to what Boscot says. Find a good doctor, someone who knows what he's doing. Most of us have wasted months or years looking for a good doc. Get a complete panel to rule out other options.

That said, clomid works for some without immediately shutting down natural production. I was on it for about 4 years, with gradually decreasing results.

About 6 years ago I was diagnosed with low T (220-250 on a 260-1000 test range) by my family doc after he put me on Crestor for high cholesterol. I had brain fog, memory issues, difficulty pronouncing words, fatigue, mood swings, night sweats, you name it. First thing was to quit Crestor which made total T rise to the upper 300s - quite an improvement, although no doc will admit it except for Duane Graveline M.D. (SpaceDoc). All of the other symptoms improved, too. My cardiologist no longer argues with me, but he really wants me on a statin.

Next I saw a urologist who ran all kinds of tests including the clomid test, which showed a good rise (800s). He wouldn't use clomid as therapy because it was unproven, so he started me Androgel 5 mg/day. Androgel got me up into the low 500s initially but in 3 months I was down to the low 300s and the doc wanted to double the dose. I didn't like the Androgel application process and it was really expensive.

Changed docs. Dr. Shippen put me on clomid which got me up into the 700s. Over 4 years that dropped into the 400s, so he recently prescribed T cyp injections. First set of labs on T cyp showed total T in the 800s. I donated blood recently and total cholesterol was 205, lowest it's been in years. Wait til the cardiologist sees those numbers. I also just started hcg injections to keep the testes active.

For me this board was a huge help - providing information and encouragement. Keep asking questions and reading posts. Hayfarmer posted a lot of good information back in 2006-2007 when I was first looking that was a big help for me. Good luck.