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Re: First Neuro Appt. Tomorrow

Hi. Rant away.

To be honest, it doesnt sound like a complete loss, but he doesnt sound like he has the best bedside least you got the MRI ordered! Now, the most important thing to remember is if possible, ask for copies of your MRI films or CD when you go there- and you want to get your hands on a copy of the radiologists report as well, this will save time down the road when more than likely youll be referred to someone else.

Meanwhile, the tests, although short- did give him the results you quotes, weakness on one side, sensation loss and lack of balance...those, are all pointing towards SOMETHING being wrong. The result, of having him order further testing is GOOD.

Now, you wait for the test and the results. Remember, only you can advocate for knowing something is wrong. Alot of doctors brush things off saying that it isnt "clear cut", but when something is wrong, you have to keep pushing. Youre doing that- and you did very well. Be proud of yourself.

I wish it was more conclusive, but I warned you not to expect in all honesty, it wasnt a total bust! You got the tests ordered...lets hope they show something concusive.

At least the first step is behind you....keep your chin up.
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