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New labs, 6 weeks after adding Cytomel. Erg...

For a brief recap, my labs in Dec 2011 (while taking 50mcg Levo' pre blood draw):
TSH 1.59
Total T3 - 82 (87-178) Below range
Free T4 - 1.0 (.5-1.6) 45% ? (elevated because I took my dose first?)

After begging, my Endo added 12.5mcg (generic) Cytomel about 7 weeks ago. This time, I knew not to take the meds, (thank you!) before the blood draw:
TSH 1.06
Total T3 - 71 (76-181) Below range
Free T3 - 2.5 (2.3-4.2) 1% ?
Free T4 - 1.1 (.8-1.8) 30% ?

Have I done my math right? I'm hoping to talk with my Endo tomorrow morning. Suggestions? I'm thinking / hoping for a bump up in both meds, eh? Oh please, oh please ... I sure need something! HELP!


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