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Unhappy Please Help... I don't know what is going on...

I don't know exactly what is wrong, I am now getting a little down do to the roller coaster ride I've been thru.
I've had several different issues, first I had Carpal Tunnel for which I got surgery in 2010 on both hands. This really did not make it any better. I've dealt with Migraines and Headaches causes by back/neck for the last 10 years.
I was told by a doctor that many of my pains in back/neck and perhaps my hands are caused due to one leg being shorter than the other.
I went thru bad depression and panic attacs, treated with meds for these.
I then moved to Georgia and started from scratch.
My PCP found in my physical that I had high levels of protein in my urine, high cholesterol and Triglycerides.
Nephologist, confirmed the protein in urine and after biopsy of kidneys I was diagnosed with Proteinuria and P-ANCA.
Not much has been done by this doctor, but I am limited by my medicaid right now as far as options for doctors.
Now I'm being seen by Neurologist and he found after many profound blood tests found that I had deficiency in Vitamin D, and after taking a booster and continued on supplement I have improved in the level of pain in my body and hands.
Just when I was getting excited because I was feeling better, the doctor told that I tested positive for SSA, though negative SSB. He stated my inflamation levels are high, and therefore no need to visit Rheumatologist.
I also was told that I have sleep Apnea and since I get many Ear and throat infections I am also getting referred to ENT Doctor.
Sorry to tell my whole life Med story here, but I know there is a lot to know about this subject and have been reading a lot and I know there is plenty of individuals here that are well informed and can perhaps guide me.
My appt to Rheumatologist is on August 21st.... the wait is killing me.