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Re: New labs, 6 weeks after adding Cytomel. Erg...

Originally Posted by sammy64 View Post
I know that some doctors will increase levo by 25mcg if the FreeT4 level is below mid-range.

And, just as FinnMaid suggested, a 5mcg Cytomel dose increase makes sense (that's a common dose increase size for people already taking doses similar to what you've been taking)
Thank you Sammy. I sure hope I can convince him that I'm a big 'ole sloppy mess (to put it politely!) and he'll agree to a 5mcg increase. Eeks, cutting those 25mcg pills into 17.5 is gonna be tricky and messy!

Hope you're able to get the doctor to agree!

No matter what, eliminating coffee with your levo should help....hopefully, a lot.
Ever since my blood test on Monday, I've been taking the Levo in the middle of the night, with water. (at least two hours before my morning coffee fix!) But, as of yet .... I really haven't noticed any difference. (soon, I hope!)