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Re: Doctor is Completely Clueless... Could use some thoughts

Up until two years ago we had gone five years of doctoring with Dermatologists...He had many biopsies...Our problem was my husband's skin was growing faster than it could absorb...When this happened it would like blister and red areas would appear...It happened mainly on the chest area and some on the arms...The chest would really break out...He was treated with heat lamps, soaps and near everything else...The last Dermatologist gave him some chemo pills wondering if it had to do with some form of cancer...This was before she got the result of his third test to Mayo Clinic again stating that his skin was just growing faster on his body than it should....Since that time it has settled down...Exactly why I don't know, but I have my own thoughts....

My one thought on this is are you touching any part of your husband with your mouth that could be causing this reaction...This had a bearing on what happened with us and it just may be with you too...As we age our bodies and hormones act differently....

Good luck and I hope you find some help...Take care...ILD...