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re: Senior husband decided to not have sex but...

Originally Posted by Ilovedollhouses View Post
I, too, am older...I have found that men can get out of the habit of having sex far easier than we women...I truly believe that many are satisfied that way....Our problem is keeping them alive...I found that as my husband aged that I took over as the leader of the pack...I made the overtures...Started in some sexual ways and it worked...Now that I have him back on track he knows that after sex that he feels better and has made us much closer....

Have either of you asked your partner to stimulate you?...By this I mean do the foreplay or masturbate you?....This could be the beginning of a rebirth to your sex life....Take care...ILD..
Hi and thanks for your post ILD
I'm afraid I've tried everything but there is no interest at all ..
I have asked for oral too and no interest - so never had oral either
I think you are right about the Majority of Men as they get older ..they kinda will probably talk about it (if they see a younger woman )with their mates/collegues but don't actually perform any more in their personal lives .

Its not going to happen I'm afraid sadly I have to semi satisfy myself with toys ..but its just not fullfilling me at all ..I need the whole hog so to speak
Many Thanks ILD