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Re: How often to take methadone

Hey tourtoise girl. My wife has used Nemanda for 7 or 8 years. Along with Botox and occiptital blocks for her Cervicle headaches. She has been able to reduce her dose of MSC by 2/3 rds thanks to the adjunct meds and a very skilled doc with a needle. Her neck is a mess, reverse lordosis, bulging discs , cord and nerve compressions, stenosis and spurs along with a chiari malformartion which fortunately hasn't required surgery. Some adjuncts may provide no relief and some can be extremly effective for some individuals, She has only had 1 slight increase in BT strength in the last 7 years since she dropped from 100 TID to 30 TID of MSC. I do believe tolerance can be managed and I would give Nemanda a shot before increasing my own dose if it wasn't such a finiacial issue for my situation. with the doughnut hole. But if you have good insurance by all means give it a try, the botox has also been a lifesaver, Her neck is like a human clock and knows when it's beenn 12 weeks and time for more botox. The whole back of her head was literally numb for 2 days after the last block and round of botox and she feels jipped when she doesn't get to be numb for at least a day. Anyway, it sounds like you still have room and options and I wouldn't worry to much about what your dose is. I know the conversion for me back to orals would be pretty hefty but I haven't given my tolerance a thought other than should they ever have to go back in to fix something and that will only happen if a screw or rod pops through the skin or it effects nerves that control something important. Otherwise dose is just a number What's high to one doc may be a starting place for another. I'm glad you found someone willing to work with you. Take care, Dave