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Re: Hiiiii Phoenix!!


I agree , when the mind is full of clutter, this is a good place to get it all out. I do that sometimes.
I was thinking of also going to the board that deals with anxiety and depression. I've never had a diagnosis of major depression before and it's so hard. I spent mist of today crying. I love my friends dearly but it's so hard to see them express their successes say, in ********, about engagements, new jobs, babies, weddings.... and I have nothing good to share. I did lose 14 pounds, which I'm proud of, but it's not the same.
I'm purposely not working cause the type of stress my work requires me to handle I just don't feel well enough to do yet. So even though logically I have reasons (it's still under a year that my 12 year relationship/ 3 year engagement ended) emotionally I can't reconcile the two.
Anyway, I know this belongs on the other board. But of course, this makes it hard for me not to self medicate. The pills make me not feel the sadness as much. But logically I know I have to feel it, and I've cut down my intake as there are days where I don't need to medicate for pain, or only need a little. So I'm trying. I don't blindly need to take pills when I don't need them.
Gosh, looks like I had a lot to get out too.
Thanks for reading my book!

my issues have issues!

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