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Re: Another post-op problem...

I would recommend you visit a gastro doctor and get this checked out! There is a small percentage of us who have digestive problems after gallbladder surgery; I was one of them, and it was worse in the morning for whatever reason. Despite no fat and careful eating, I was prone to episodes of yellow diarrhea(sorry graphic) after eating at times. I did not experience nausea, cramping or pain however. I would say go and get checked out by your doctor to rule out anything serious. Typically, the bile diarrhea is caused by the liver creating too much bile, or badly timed bile, which irritates the intestines. You also could have a fast transit time, which means the stools don't have time to form. This might be helped by introducing more insoluable fiber to the diet, this might help bulk up the stools. Your system needs time to adjust after gallbladder removal, because now you don't have a gallbladder to store bile and release it when you eat, which is why no fat eating is good for the first few weeks.

For me, after getting checked out by my gastro doctor, she put me on Welchol, which is a bile acid sequestrants. It works by binding bile acids in your intestines to form a product that is removed from the body. Also, my ALT/AST were elevated for awhile after my surgery, I had to have my blood checked every week for awhile and eventually it's been fine ever since. I hope you feel better soon, please let us know how you are doing.

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