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Fourth nerve palsy and double vision

Right so a few years ago I was diagnosed with congenital fourth nerve palsy when I went to my GP and told him I had double vision when I look to the left. I was then sent to a specialist and diagnosed. This was when I was 15.

I'm 20 now and have decided I want to join the military but double vision is a bar to entry.

So here's my condition fully explained. I look to the left and my right eye drifts upwards a little bit. If I really try, I can lessen the deviation. When I close or cover my right eye and open it again, it will have drifted upwards. The same thing happens when I close my left eye, but the deviation isn't as much. I alos find it harder to keep my eyes aligned if I'm extremely tired.

Since my eyes are aligned 90% of the time I have perfect binocular vision. The eye specialist said there was no point doing anything since it would never effect me doing anything. Unfortunately it closes a certain career path...

Does anyone know if corrective surgery is possible, and given my description above, the chances of removing the double vision entirely?

Thanks for all replies, much appreciated.