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Re: 2 1/2 months post stroke

I've tried very hard to determine what affects the pain, the impairment, but have not been able to come up with answers. I am very thankful that it does not affect sleep. Am not disturbed by that bizarre right side, can sleep peacefully. Sometimes when I wake up I can feel it is a little improved; or, I must admit, sometimes it feels worse. Do not know what to attribute this to. I have found no correlation to more exercise, certain exercise, less exercise.

Am very focussed on avoiding as much stress as possible. Meditate twice a day sitting, do yoga and standing QiGong. There was some cognitive impairment: I make mistakes I did not make previously. The mistakes occur in writing, in numbers, a sort of disconnect between what is in my head and what comes out on paper. I am able to catch the error.

My stroke and me, an adventure I never expected. Sometimes I think it changed my personality, maybe even for the better which I attribute to the awakening of the right hemisphere. It feels good to be able to express this for which I feel grateful.

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