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Re: Moved Mom in 2 months ago

You are doing a great job and do not let anyone say anything different... The care of your mom is going to be a long road with many ups and downs, pick your battles, if it really does not matter then do not worry about it, my sister had on two different socks, her hub was saying something to her and I just told him who cares about socks in the big scheme of things...pick your battles very carefully and swept the rest under the rug. Never argue with mom as in her mind she is right no matter what, if she say the sky is pink the by all means congratulate her in seeing the beauty of that color in the sky, this is all about learning to bend and take the path of least resistance, if your hub bangs into the bathroom door then he should learn to watch out for it, make sure mom has a small assortment of cloths or she will put the same ones one over and over as the selection for her will be to stressful and so she will put the same things on all the mom loved sweat pants and tops, easy to wear and easy to dress themselves, you may find that mom will start to have trouble with buttons, no problem go to the nearest thrift store and pick up those wonderfully sweat shirts that have flowered designs and such, your local thrift store cand be a great friend, when things get soiled and stained through them out, if they were bought at the thrift store them it is only a few dollars, like I said don,t sweat the small stuff, keep all your energy for the big battles that my come your way..As for the nightly closing of the blinds, this is probably something she did at home and will continue doing, I would encourage momto do it and ask if she would leave one open so you can see out side, mom needs to feel like she is helping in some small way, sweeping the floor or folding cloths, anything to make her feel useful, please do not yell at mom, she really is trying her best, before you get fired up next time come here and yell with us, we can take it, we understand that you need to vent so anything goes here..

Thank you so much for being a loving daughter and taking care of your mom, remember to laugh it will make things a lot easier, laughter is good for the soul...
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