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Re: Left side paralysis and a nursing home fate

I know with my father, having a stroke, after surgery no one would take care of him to my mothers standards. Even with him being in a supposedly great facility. So we brought dad home. Mom and I took care of dad for ten years before he passed and I would not change a thing. My father was a kind, quiet man and the hugs from him that I received was payment enough. The therapist had my dad walking with help about 100 feet. She was told by her company that dads services were to be stopped she cried stating that my dad as working harder than 99 percent of the patients she had and he was the most deserving. She lost the fight but to her credit she quit that particular company. It was always a battle for services but for me it was deserved by him. My stroke was three months ago and I have a small taste of what my father went through. Irregardless of what happens assure your father of your love and visit often. He is and will always be a part of you.

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