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Re: Thinking of leaving my husband...feeling sick, not sure what to do

Hi, I agree with the other responder. I had three children every two years and my ex-husband and I did not get along either but he did take the children and cared for them when I had enough and had to get some fresh air. You need to get some medical attention and find out if you have a physical hormonal problem and get that addressed and then you will feel better. You also need to go to Al-Anon and find out how you can change in your relationship with your alcoholic husband. You need to see if this marriage is worth saving with your husband and ask him if he wants to invest in getting help. Do you have any friends you can get support from or go out with. Fighting in front of little children really is hard for them and they feel really scared. You don't need to copy the emotional turmoil you went through with your children. My sons still remember the yelling my ex and I did and it makes me feel bad. Children need loving parents who love each other and want to work as a team to raise them. Please get help. Best wishes.