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Re: IBS-can it feel like hip /groin pain ?

Originally Posted by nyuszisue View Post
my dr. told me I probably have IBS-A based on my symptoms. but I have this lower left abdominal/pain which feels like groin and hip pain. I had pelvic/vaginal ultrasound ( one small uterine fybroid fund, they say shouldn't cause this pain ), had hip/pelvic x-ray it say unremarkable hip, mild degenerative change at left SI joint. can this pain be from IBS ? I will probably get an order for pelvic MRI, but I was wondering about IBS.
Is it on your left side? I have had IBS for many many years. Alot of my pain is right in the left groin area and to the inner part of my hip bone. So I would say YES!!! Its way worse when I have not gone to the bathroom for a few days or have really bad gas. Have you had a colonoscopy to rule out any other problems? MaryAnn