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re: need support

Oh totally! Its such a sick cycle.
Yeah I'm back on it. I live in a very sunny place with gorgeous weather most of the year. I can't spend it indoors!
Next week is the week before I see my doctor. Ecause of my binge, there are consequences. I now get a pill a day for the week ( and then Sunday and Monday I take them cause I can get drug tested there and they need to see I'm using the drugs and not selling them). OR , I just ak aper withnwhatvi have left between today and tomorrow and then just go clean fr the week.
I like that idea more. Plus, I start acnew med tomorrow. It's like concerta but it's not exactly. Due to a neck injury, I ant take meds that constrict my blood vessels.... it's Called "provigil". So I'd rather be sober when I take it and see how it affects me anyway.
Yeah I know I can go on and off... It's good, kinda it is, like u said reassuring.
I'm determined to find a way myself to make it work so I have my pills when I need then, but whittle away taking then when I want them.
Im not working now and haven't for a bit, which also ,ales it easy for me to slip.
Once I get a job, my field is extremely demanding where u need focus, stamina and a clear head.... So as soon as I start a new job, lots of the pills will be put aside. I will never let them interfere with my career.
Hoe are u these days? What kinds of positive stuff are u up? Any thing good! Any hobbies u like?
Wishing u the best!
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