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Re: Fibromyalgia and more -- is this it for the rest of my life

I take Percocet daily in addition to Effexor (just switched from Cymbalta) and Flexeril as needed. I have an on-going script for 60 Percocet filled every 28 days. I find that they help with the fatigue. If I take one I can get out and do yard work, house work and many other things. I just recently switched doctors and I told him that I've taken them for some time and they help me function. He didn't seem to have a problem prescribing them. He said the medical community has a score (or something like that) that they assign people. I score at a 5 out of 100 as far as my opiate usage.

Not only do I have nerve pain but I have disc issues as well. Pain pills help me function and let me live my life.

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