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Small bumps

Hi, I was just curious about these small bumps I have predominantly around the base of my penis. They don't itch, hurt, or ooze puss, and aren't red. I've had them since I hit puberty or so (around 13-14, I'm 18 now) and I had never had any sex or anything prior to them. They look just like blocked pores but whenever I try to squeeze them or anything of the sort, nothing happens. I do have acne on my face and get occasional bouts on my back and I wasn't sure if that could be the case. I was hoping someone could have some sort of information or advice on this matter. I'm not really worried, but I am curious if I should be though. I was also thinking about seeing my doctor or dermatologist about it but I've been pretty nervous about that. But if anyone could give me some feedback, that'd be really appreciated.