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Talking Re: How was your hysterectomy experience? (and weight gain question)


I had a TAH in Jan 2011, due to abnormal cells after a routine smear test,
it all happened so quickly for me, before i knew it was had to see a consultant, have a biopsy taken from my womb, which was the worse pain i had ever experienced, then have an MRI scan, they said there seemed to be somthk suspicious on the lining of my womb & the Conult said she feared it may be Cancerous, i couldn't believe what i was hearing, nxt thing i knew she told me i needed a total Abdominal Hyst, i really didn't want it done, i couldn't have children which we tried for for many years, had a miscarriage in 99 & failed IVF Treatment in 02, was heartbraking,
So was really hard to hear i had no choice in having this Hyst, so went ahead & had the Hyst in Jan 2011, went & saw the Consult a few months after the TAH & they said i had Stage 1, Grade 1, Endometrial Carcinoma on the lining of my womb, so i was very lucky it was found so early on & i didn't need any other treatment or follow up appointments,

I have to admit i have put on a lot of weight since the TAH,
they also told me that i would need to go onto HRT, because they had taken my ovaries away, but since the hyst i haven't had any menopause symptoms at all, its been nearly 18mnths & i haven't gone on any HRT, I don't no if i was premenopausal before the TAH, or have already been thu the Menopause years before the Hyst,
But I'm not moaning, & its also great to have no periods, i had been plagued with Ovarian cysts for most of my adult life, especially on the right ovary, which they should have taken away years ago really,

But have been feeling a little low & teary this last month, but no hot flushes or other things associated with the Menopause, Yet!!! hahaha

I've got to say it took me a few months to start to feel better after my TAH, but its all abt state of mind & making the best out of a situation, Positivity & Motivation is the Key!

I'm sure you,ll feel Much better after your Hyst hun

Hope it all go's well for you

all the Best


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