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Unhappy Upset. Potentially serious family situation. Handling it sober

Hi all....
So I have under a week of no pills, on purpose, to see how the Provigil works with no Roxys stepping on it. It's all good, or was til
The below came up.
I just found out my mom, who has a rare cancer but is doing fine for several years just got an iffy petscan report. A spot in her kidney that is cancer. Not the same kind. It's too early to tell whats up. She gets petscans every 3 months..., and she got her results today but sees the doc this week.
I know I can post on the cancer board, but until I hear facts from her doctor, I can't hear others stories that may be bad. I'm very close to my mom/ family. They are lovely people.
All I wanted to do was get super stoned (weed) tonight, but I knew it might make things worse in my mind, and that wasnt the answer. Instead I took my anti anxiety pills, as prescribed and tried to keep my racing thoughts under control.
I read a few medical journals which have me some hope (I know I shouldn't have gone on line at all, but I gave in. I won't look again.
Anyway, I'm not religious, but I do believe in good
vibes and good healing thoughts being put out into the universe. I'll take it all, actually, even prayers. Who am i to say what may help?
My mom is so good and has been through so much with hardly a complaint. She deserves to see me married, to see me in a fantastic place in my life, and most Importantly, just a longer period of no stress, no surgery, just time to enjoy her family, the trips my dad wants to take her on etc. Everything.
Please keep her .in your thoughts and prayers, in whatever way that means to
You. Ill know more later in the week, but it's never too early to get those vibes out there. It's so scary when u don't know what you are dealing with.
Thanks for listening to a slightly off topic situation. Hopefully my ability to stay sober tonight keeps this on topic.
Thank you all,
my issues have issues!

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