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Re: please advise about Naso and gastric tube

Hello broke, it sounds like you are trying to prepare for the next stage of Alzheimer. A feeding tube as luau stated is a very aggressive action to take, I am in complete agreement with the statement that I'd would do this is only as a temp. Measure then of course it must be done, but if this procedure is being done on someone in that latter stages of Alzheimer then one must consider who this procedure is benefiting, are you doing this in hopes that your loved one will get better, are you doing this because it was stated in your loved ones living will that they wanted this, all lot of these choices should have been made a long time ago before the person is at the point of needing one. It is up to us as the POA to carry out our loved ones wishes and remember this is about qualitity of life, theirs, many on this board have had to make this dessions, myselve included, I can only speak for myself, and I would never have let them give my mom a feeding tube, she had suffered enough, so my last gift to my mom was making the hardest dessions in my life,,but hear me, I do not for one moment regret it,,
Hugs to you and sending you strength
Forever in my heart

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